Thursday, November 08, 2007


I've wanted to knit a scarf with a curly fringe edging for a while now, but just couldn't decide on the body. I finally decided on a tube scarf as the curly fringe edging would create a sort of sea anemone-ish look. This scarf is knit using the cross stitch method - a method usually used for creating mock cables and other texture patterns. When an entire row is knit using crossed stitches it creates and interesting twisted texture, plus it's a heck of a lot more fun that plain ol' stockinette. This scarf could easily be knit in the round - just knit the purl rows and add one more Cr instead of the two knit stitches on the texture rows - but if you are like me and hate, Hate, HATE working on double-pointed needles, it's easier just to knit flat and sew up the seam.

US size 3 knitting needles
2 skeins Melody by Jojoland, color number Y46, or other fingering weight yarn


Cr: Cross stitch. Knit into the second stitch on the LH needle, but do not slip the stitch off the needle. Then, knit into the first stitch on the LH needle. Slip both of the stitches off the needle.


Close up of the cross stitch texture.

Cast on 40 stitches. Knit one row, purl one row.

Row 1: k1, Cr to last stitch, k1
Row 2: Purl

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the scarf is as long as you want.

Bind off.

Sew up the sides of the scarf creating a long tube.

Curly fringe edging:

Pick up one stitch at the end of the scarf. Cast on 14 more stitches (I prefer the Knit On method as it gives a little more stability) Bind off the 14 stitches you just cast on.
Pick up another stitch. Slip your one remaining stitch over the newly picked up stitch (so you again only have one stitch on the needle). Cast on 14 more stitches. Bind off the 14 stitches you just cast on.
Continue in this manner until you have created 40 little "tentacles" around the entire edge of the scarf.
Repeat at the other end.

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