Monday, September 24, 2007

Spaceman Beanie

I was going to call this the "Strawberry Sundae" hat because the wool/alpaca blend yarn by Nashua I used is sooooo creamy and delicious, but when it was finished it looked more like some sort of alien mind-control-ray-blocking helmet than delicious foodstuffs. Thus, the Spaceman Beanie was born.
This kinda happens a lot. I've stopped expecting my finished projects to look anything like the picture I have in my head. At least I'm usually pleased with the results. I mean, who doesn't need an alien mind-control-ray-blocking helmet?

US size 6 needles
2 colors of your choice of Nashua Creative Focus Chunky. I used Natural and Carnation for the pink hat and Natural and Grass for the green.

*note* This is a pretty small hat, so if you are using a very non-elastic yarn, or making this hat for a person with an especially large head, you may want to cast on an additional 14 stitches and add an extra repeat of the stitches in parentheses.

Color A rows are in Grey, Color B Rows are in Red.
Using A, cast on 72 stitches. Knit 2 rows. Change to B.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: k1, kfb, k4, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog, (k4, kfb, kfb, k4, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog) 4 times, k4, kfb, k1
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: As Row 3
Row 6: Knit

Repeat these 6 rows 6 times.

Decrease Rows:
DRow 1: Knit
DRow 2: Purl
DRow 3: k6, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog (k10, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog) 4 times, k6
DRow 4: Purl
DRow 5: k5, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog (k8, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog) 4 times, k5
DRow 6: Knit
DRow 7: Knit
DRow 8: Purl
DRow 9:
k4, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog (k6, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog) 4 times, k4
DRow 10: Purl
DRow 11: k3, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog (k4, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog) 4 times, k3
DRow 12: Knit
DRow 13: Knit
DRow 14: Purl
DRow 15: k2, sl1, k1, psso k2tog (k2, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog) 4 times, k2
DRow 16: Purl
DRow 17: K2tog across
DRow 18: Knit

Break yarn leaving a long tail. Sew the tail through the remaining 11 stitches on the needle, then sew up the side of the hat.

By popular demand I am also posting a pattern knitted in the round. You'll need 5 size 6 dpns for this. Again, if you want a larger hat cast on 14 additional stitches and repeat the stitches in parentheses 6 times instead of 5.

Using A cast on 70 stitches. Knit one round. Purl one round. Switch to B
Round 1: Knit
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: (kfb, kfb, k4, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog, k4) 5 times
Round 4: Knit
Round 5: As row 3
Round 6: Purl

Repeat these 6 rows 6 times.

Decrease Rounds:

Round 1: Knit
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: (k6, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog, k4) 5 times
Round 4: Knit
Round 5: (k5, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog, k3) 5 times
Round 6: Purl
Round 7: Knit
Round 8: Knit
Round 9: (k4, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog, k2) 5 times
Round 10: Knit
Round 11: (k3, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog, k1) 5 times
Round 12: Purl
Round 13: Knit
Round 14: Knit
Round 15: (k2, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog) 5 times
Round 16: Knit
Round 17: k2tog across
Round 18: Purl

Break yarn and sew through the remaining stitches on the needles.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cozy Cat Crescent

We've all done it. You walk into your local craft store intent on buying that size 11, 24" bamboo circular needle and NOTHING ELSE. "I will be strong this time! " you tell yourself. But alas, you are no match for the 25% off bin filled to the brim with soft, delicious, discounted yarn.

Happens every time. That's how I ended up with seven skeins of Yarn Bee Soft Delight. It was so pretty and fluffy and soft, I just kept grabbing more and more... only to get it home and realize that not only is it a total pain in the @$$ to work with, but it SHEDS! That's right. Shedding yarn. I might as well have a cat!

Well... actually I have four. Which gave me an idea.

I present the amazing shedding cat pillow for your amazing shedding cats:

5 skeins of Yarn Bee Soft Delight or any other crappy impulse buy yarn you want to get rid of. Use at least five different colors for maximum stripitude.
U.S. size 8 knitting needles
Approximately 24 ounces of fiber fill.

About 3.5 stitches per inch, not that is matters all that much.

kfb: Knit into the front and back of the stitch.


Cast on 3 stitches
Row 1: knit
Row 2: purl
Row 3: kfb, knit to end
Row 4: purl
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you have 45 stitches. Bind off.

Work 14 triangles as above, changing colors randomly throughout. Try to make sure no two triangles are alike. I like to leave the ends long when changing colors or binding off so I can use the tails to sew the pieces together.

Sew seven triangles together to make a crescent.
Repeat with the remaining seven triangles.
Sew the two crescents together leaving a hole large enough to stuff the pillow.
Start stuffing (this part is really fun)!
When your pillow is sufficiently stuffed sew the hole shut and offer your pillow up to the kitties for scrutiny.

Sunshine says, "This is sufficient."