Friday, March 23, 2007

Short Row Scarf

Short rows can be a little intimidating for the beginner knitter, but this short-row scarf is super fun and easy to knit. Plus the fluffy boucle yarn hides any mistakes!

The black and white color pattern on this scarf is from the self-striping yarn. I tried to make the triangles just big enough that the colors would alternate. It's not perfect, but pretty close.
While I originally intended this to be a straight scarf, the short row triangles gave it an interesting wavy look. Not what I was going for, but I like the way it turned out. That's the nice thing about trying new things - you never quite know what you're going to end up with.

Size 8 needles
1 skein Bernat Super Stripes

Gauge: About 3.5 stitches per inch.

W&T: Wrap and Turn. With yarn in front, slip the next stitch, turn the work. With yarn in front, slip the stitch again.
*Note: This is how I like to do a wrap and turn, there are other techniques, but I personally find this one easier. With this pattern, you can use any technique you like and it should yield the same result. Another wrap and turn technique with video is available here (scroll down).*


Cast on 22 stitches.
Knit 4 rows.

Short-row (triangle) pattern:

Row 1: Knit 21 W&T
Row 2: Knit 21
Row 3: Knit 20 W&T
Row 4: Knit 20
Row 5: Knit 19 W&T
Row 6: Knit 19
Row 7: Knit 18 W&T
Row 8: Knit 18
Row 9: Knit 17 W&T
Row 10: Knit 17
Row 11: Knit 16 W&T
Row 12: Knit 16
Row 13: Knit 15 W&T
Row 14: Knit 15
Row 15: Knit 14 W&T
Row 16: Knit 14
Row 17: Knit 13 W&T
Row 18: Knit 13
Row 19: Knit 12 W&T
Row 20: Knit 12
Row 21: Knit 11 W&T
Row 22: Knit 11
Row 23: Knit 10 W&T
Row 24: Knit 10
Row 25: Knit 9 W&T
Row 26: Knit 9
Row 27: Knit 8 W&T
Row 28: Knit 8
Row 29: Knit 7 W&T
Row 30: Knit 7
Row 31: Knit 6 W&T
Row 32: Knit 6
Row 33: Knit 5 W&T
Row 34: Knit 5
Row 35: Knit 4 W&T
Row 36: Knit 4
Row 37: Knit 3 W&T
Row 38: Knit 3
Row 39: Knit 2 W&T
Row 40: Knit 2
Row 41: Knit 1 W&T
Row 42: Knit 1

At this point there are a couple options. If you are using a fluffy boucle yarn, like the yarn this scarf is knitted with, you can just knit across the next row and continue the pattern with Row 1 without worrying about making the wraps invisible. With less forgiving yarns, pick up each wrap and knit it together with the stitch it is wrapped around (work the whole row like this then continue the pattern with Row 1).
Either way you choose, knit only one whole row between pattern rows, so when you start a new triangle your W&Ts will be on the opposite side.

Continue working Rows 1-42 + one knit across row until your scarf is as long as you like.

Next, knit 3 rows and bind off.

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